Welcome to PGM, the manufacturer of golf products with over 15years experience and more than 20000 Square meters’ plant. We are recognised for raising your expectations of golf game, whether that’s through delivering outstanding golf products and service reliability, product innovation, lower price, or style into your convenience or hospitality environment.
PGM is located in ShunDe (China), besides the golf clubs we also produce the golf clubs, golf green, golf bag, putting trainer, golf addressing Etc.
PGM start the E-business since 2008, being the top one seller of Tmall, Jingdong more than 60% Chinese using PGM golf products. In this way more and more trading company contact with PGM and became the PGM retailer over the world.
In the year 2012, PGM has established the long-term development strategy in the foreign markets, to be the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of other golf brand. With professional communication and service by our sales department, more and more customer aware of PGM , more and more customize golf products made by PGM. Now PGM is become a global manufacturer has market in Australia, USA, UK, Russia, Asia and Africa. 
Because we own and operate our manufacturing facility. We have complete control over the quality of our products, from design & engineering through to manufacturing, logistics and service. Everything is made to the highest golf standards. We are passionate about all aspects of golf products and our sales team is ready to raise your golf game to the next level.